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Tyler Ross | PhD, PE

Director of Explosives Safety Planning

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Tyler Ross, PhD, PE, has 16 years of extensive experience with DoD and NATO explosives safety planning. He has completed hundreds of explosives safety site plans spanning all service agencies and regularly corresponds with service agency safety centers (NOSSA, USATCES, AFSEC, and the DDESB) to stay up-to-date with the latest guidance and ensure proposed solutions are viable. The breadth of his experience allows him to bring creative and actionable solutions to a range of project sizes. A recognized leader in the field, Tyler has participated in the development of US DoD explosives safety criteria, contributing to the development of key policy and criteria documents such as DESR 6055.09 and multiple DDESB Technical Papers.

Dr. Ross is the developer and current maintenance lead of the NAVFAC Magazine Storage Requirements Calculator (MSRC) for development of explosives storage BFRs and is a co-author of the UFC 2-000-05N 420 Series. Dr. Ross also contributed to the DDESB-sponsored Explosives Safety Siting (ESS) software for the development of Explosive Safety Site Plan (ESSP) packages.

Tyler holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Utah, with an emphasis on structural and seismic engineering.

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