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Enjoy Working Together

Solving complex problems requires teamwork – why not make it fun? We design and facilitate interactive stakeholder engagement activities that adapt in real time to participant needs.

Facilitation Services

We have strong experience in facilitating the following activities:

  • A/E facility design charrettes

  • Visioning workshops

  • ADP workshops

  • 1391 planning charrettes

  • AICUZ open houses

  • Partnership meetings

  • Public scoping and review meetings

  • Risk communication training

  • Community outreach events
  • Public meetings

  • Stakeholder engagement activities

Facilitation Projects

China Lake 1.jpg

NAWS China Lake Emergency Response Planning Charrette

The Schreifer Group, in partnership with Jacobs, facilitated a planning charrette at NAWS China Lake following the July 2019 earthquakes that caused billions in damage.


An intensive effort was undertaken to identify and assess damage and create DD1391 programming documents for repair and reconstruction. The Schreifer Group led the charrette, which brought nearly 70 stakeholders from the installation and NAVFAC together to site replacement facilities, deconflict projects, and optimize mission effectiveness.


The Schreifer Group, in partnership with Merrick and HDR, facilitated a planning workshop at the USAFA focused on District Plans for the main Cadet Area and the Cadet Training Area at Jacks Valley.


The effort aimed to connect cadet training and athletic sites with multi-purpose, collaborative spaces to maximize training opportunities. The stakeholder engagement portion of the plan included extensive collaboration with the USAFA resident architect’s office in order to ensure USAFA facilities can continue to grow and adapt to new mission requirements while simultaneously honoring USAFA’s heritage.

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