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Increased Munitions Storage: Aviano Air Base, Italy

Partners: HDR (prime)

Client: U.S. Air Force 31st Munitions Squadron

The Schreifer Group evaluated the viability of increasing critical munitions storage at Aviano Air Base, Italy while balancing multiple safety criteria standards (US DoD, NATO and Host Nation) and severe encroachment. This project successfully provided the US Air Force with expansion options to meet the mission requirements.

This study assessed the viability of increasing munitions storage capacity at key locations across Aviano Air Base. This Planning Charrette Report (PCR) documented the validation process for the development of munitions storage facilities in support of the 31 MUNS mission at Areas F and G. Onsite data collection, requirements confirmation, and siting opportunity evaluations were conducted during October 2021 at Aviano AB. The Planning Charrette conducted in the development of this report was then held virtually during a 4-day series of interviews in January 2022, with representation from Aviano AB, USAFE, and Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Navy Region Europe Africa Central (EURAFCENT). The charrette included a review of multiple siting courses of action (COAs) within Areas F and G, including preliminary explosives hazard analysis and infrastructure, plus discussions with key stakeholders representing facilities, operations, and security.

Projects proposed by this PCR were required to provide 31 MUNS with adequate munitions storage facilities at Areas F and G, programmed using conventional design and construction methodologies, and compatible with applicable NATO, USAF/Department of Defense (DoD), and host nation design standards. The projects provide modern, resilient, sustainable, and criteria-compliant facilities for 31 MUNS support.

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